who am I?
am I a product designer?
hmm, no
am I a designer?
maybe, but not really
then, who am I?
(and why am I forcing you to read through these)
well, I can be anything
I do not define myself
(because I want you to be patient)
I can tell you a bit more
(only if you are interested)
wait, where is the "stuff"?
(did I tell you I do not define myself?)
so yeah,
that's all I can tell you.
humans will never,
understand each other.

in that sense,
I cannot care less
about anything.

at the same time,
all humans are,
connected with me.
thank you for your patience.
may you have a wonderful life,
and the right to be miserable.

I've prepared something special for you,
I hope you will like it.

‍(●°u°●)​ 」